Stronghold Safe Work in the Seattle area specializes in the inspection,  repair, and re-certification of GSA security containers and vault doors.

Here at Stronghold Safe Work we stay current on Kaba Mas X series and S&G 2740 lock certifications, as well as the latest opening and repair techniques for your security containers. We are committed to exceptional GSA container service and repair in Seattle and the rest of Washington. We can perform all of your GSA certified safe and vault inspector needs.

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GSA Inspections and  Recertification

Gsa Container Service And Repair in Seattle

All re-certifications completed are performed in a safe and professional manner. Records are stored both locally and with Lockmasters Security Institute,  ensuring access to past inspections should the need ever arise. 

Stronghold Safe Work LLC is a local, veteran owned company, which proudly serves the Pacific Northwest for all their GSA security container needs.  Our technician received his certification from Lockmasters Security Institute, which is one of only two schools worldwide authorized to certify GSA Safe and Vault technicians.  This allows Stronghold Safe Work to be your one stop shop for your inspection, repair, and GSA certified safe and vault inspector needs in Seattle 

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